Monday, July 29, 2013

Sketches from "The Cunning Little Vixen"

Here, you can see a batch of sketches from a project I've been working on for a couple of years - an animated adaptation of Janacek's operetta "Prihody Lis'ky Bystrous'ky." In English, it's rendered as "The Cunning Little Vixen."

The tale of a vixen who, in childhood, is captured by a forester for a pet. After she escapes, she tries to reform an identity for herself, and he tries to recapture her to assert his masculinity to his friends.
It originated in a newspaper comic strip from the '20s... and it's already been adapted by the amazing Geoff Dunbar.
His adaptation preserves the opera, in English translation, almost perfectly, with designs adapted from the Newspaper comics.
I, though, want to do one in Czech storybook style, with a chamber reimagining of the sensitive-as-fuck score, and with a heavy adaptation of the major Feminist themes, because I think it does Janacek more justice in the medium.

Sharp-Ears, the titular vixen.
The Forester, who I think works better with no name, as did Janacek.

Harasta, the Poacher.

Meet me

Welcome to my gallery!

I am Liam Feld, animation student at Columbia college.

The odd nom de plume of my blog is due to a couple of comments that my drawings look like candlewax...

I post, heretofore, a picture I had drawn to explain a depression bout I had a while back... it's gone now, don't worry your heads. (Don't worry, I am wearing pants, but most pants are far too tight to leave things to your imagination.)

I'll be posting my drawings, sketches, classwork, and other projects on here.
As the mood strikes me, though, I may very well post on the other topics that consume my mind.
Chief among those are my ardent feminism, my adoration of Richard Wagner, and my mild case of Aspergers (and resultant championing of neurodiversity).

So... I think that covers all bases! Enjoy further!