Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Sketches - Marker and ink

Inspired by the Sibelius piece

 I love the pattern of green I got.

This was a piece of  art I did just to see how it would look. The one I was talking with had just drawn "My Little Pony" characters playing Samishen.
I decided to follow him up on that... it had to be the newest generation of ponies (I know very little of the other generations, my brain shuts down when I try to sit through sexism that egregious), and for simplicity's sake, I did the two who have telekinesis in their foreheads. (Look them up, you have the internet.)

The text is an approximate Kanji of a portion of "Madama Butterfly." In the first act, where she tells Pinkerton to "love me a little, like a child..." "We are a people used to small things, quiet and humble, but profound as the sky and deep as the ocean." It's a gorgeous bit of recitative.
It was written on a catalogue-card about 2.5"x3", so my hand cramped pretty badly. Let me know if it's legible, if you're a native speaker.

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